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Wooden Plaques Vertical with Box

  • Material: Wood and Aluminum

Wooden Plaques Vertical with Box

Plaques that are vertical are attractive and stylish. These wooden plaques are of high quality. They were made of wooden materials. They are trustworthy and durable as a result. They feature large surfaces, making them a good choice for awards. A large logo or a lengthy remark can fit on them. It doesn’t take up any space, though. It can be placed on a desk or hung up on the wall. They are stylish expressions of appreciation. As awards, these engraved plaques attract a lot of attention. It is therefore the perfect promotional item for promoting a business.

You can reward your staff for their efforts by giving them this. They are lightweight and portable in addition to being made of a robust material. It is offered in three different sizes. It also comes packaged in a box for security. These customized plaques come with the option of engraving. There is plenty of room for advertising. As a result, you can customize them by adding a name or brand. They can be distributed as gifts or used as ornaments. They will undoubtedly attract customers to your brand. This giveaway item doubles as a practical gift. It makes an excellent employee recognition promotional present.

  • Made from sturdy wood material.
  • Arrive in a box.
  • There are three sizes available
  • Readily available in red.
  • The foiling of the aluminum sheet is finished.
  • Fantastic promotional item
  • Portable, and small.
  • Substantial surface area for branding.
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