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Inclined Rectangular Crystal Awards

  • Material: Crystal | Item Size: 60 x 80 mm | Item Weight: 0.273 kg

Inclined Rectangular Crystal Awards

An elegant clear vertical inclination design characterizes the Small Vertical Crystal. It has a wide range of applications and a unique position in corporate awards that honor personnel or serve as mementos. Our rectangle crystal is ideal for preserving memories in your business or honoring a significant occasion in your life. They also make an elegant desk or table accents to display any private photographs or images you may have! Using the laser engraving method, we can also engrave personalized text on these rectangular inclined pieces. You can also put this crystal on your desk if you represent a company or work in an office.

It has the name and logo of your business printed on it. If you give it to the client or customer as a promotional gift, it will look fantastic. This little gem, measuring only 60 by 80 mm, is highly cost-effective. Additionally, you can use this as a promotional item to enhance the image of your company. We are the top producers of bespoke crystals and provide high-caliber goods to keep a favorable reputation with customers.

The prominent features of this inclined rectangular crystal are:

  1. The shape of this crystal is a rectangle. It has a clear vertical incline.
  2. It doesn’t need any base for support.
  3. The size of the crystal is 60 x 80 mm.
  4. Customizable according to the requirement of customers.
  5. Printing by laser engraving.
  6. Excellent customer service.
  7. Budget-friendly price.
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