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Wooden Plaques with Spanish Plate

  • Material: Wood and Metal | Item Size : 23 x 30.5 cm | Item Weight: 0.400 kg

Wooden Plaques with Spanish Plate

For rewards, a wooden plaque with a Spanish plate is a great option. It was built of metal and wood. They are hence durable and strong. Additionally, they are environmentally friendly. It appears to be royal. An aluminum sheet with a silver coating is used to make it. There is a maroon outline border as well. Shield has a blank surface that you may personalize. There are two sizes of these printed plaques. One is 23 x 30.5 cm in size, while the other is 20.5 x 25.5 cm. They are therefore perfect for celebrating people’s achievements. It is light in spite of its size.

Given that it is a plaque, it attracts a lot of attention. It is therefore the perfect promotional tool for promoting a business. There is an engraving option for these printed plaques. There is room for advertisement. As a result, you can customize them by adding a name or brand. This award may also be given as a token of appreciation. Without a doubt, they will make people aware of your brand. Motivational messages can also be printed on this promotional item.

  • Made of sturdy metal and wood.
  • That’s friendly to the environment
  • It has a big surface.
  • There are two sizes to choose from.
  • A lightweight and portable thing
  • Stunning and royal style.
  • Consists of a sheet of aluminum
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