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Wooden Plaques with Spanish Plate

  • Material: Wood and Metal | Item Size : 23 x 30.5 cm | Item Weight: 0.500 kg

Wooden Plaques with Spanish Plate

Spanish-plated wooden plagues are fantastic promotional items. These plaques were made out of solid wood. They are trustworthy and strong as a result. Business organizations frequently use these wooden plaque rewards. As a result, you can acknowledge their achievements and objectives in front of the workforce. Additionally, they are utilized to demonstrate their honor at a variety of festivals and events. These personalized plaques were created especially for advertising.

A maroon back cover is included with these plaques. It has a Spanish plate that is either silver or gold. This Spanish plate features stylish, intricate patterns. So, it is a fashionable prize. In addition to their design, they are very portable. They make excellent products for giveaways. There is a possibility for engraving. Thus, you may add the name of your company to these personalized plaques. Your brand will be promoted by these branded plaques. Additionally, this will increase consumer awareness of your brand. Additionally, these branded plaques make wonderful gifts for your staff. a wonderful present for employees.

  • Made from strong metal and wood.
  • Spanish plate that is stylish and ornamented.
  • Available in both gold and silver.
  • 23 x 30.5 cm the available sizes.
  • Small and transportable.
  • Regal and opulent in appearance.
  • Option for engraving to imprint a logo.
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