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Swivel Car Chargers

  • Ultra-lightweight and small portable designs.
  • Keyring attachment | Item Size: 64 x 24 mm | Item Weight: 0.025 kg

Packaging Details

Pcs in Carton Box Carton Weight Carton Box Size
200 5 kg 36 x 19 x 32 cm

Car Charger Printing Options

  • UV Printing | Silk Screen Printing | Digital Printing with Epoxy

Swivel Car Chargers

Swivel Car chargers were created specifically for the times when we are driving and the phone unexpectedly loses power. When there is an emergency or even when we don’t have time to charge our phones, it is really helpful. Both a USB outlet and a charger pin outlet are included in this white car charger. Through the USB port on the automobile, you can connect the charger.

Additionally, the car charger has a side button for turning the charger pin on and off. This USB car charger’s double-sided surface is big enough to accommodate a bespoke imprint of your company’s logo or insignia. You can hold the car charger and your keys together thanks to the keyring that is attached to it. There are three types of printing available: UV printing, silk screen printing, and digital printing with customized epoxy for your logo. The best promotional item or giveaway for advertising occasions like company launches and advertising campaigns.

  • Elegant and fashionable car charger.
  • Protect the charger with this white swivel.
  • Available in white and black.
  • For best portability, use a key holder.
  • Move the charging pin with the slide button.
  • Easy to use and portable.
  • Best giveaway or promotional item.

Printing Options

  • UV Printing | Silk Screen Printing | Digital Printing with Epoxy
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