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Multifunction Pen Holder with Wireless Charging


Light up logo matt oil finish pen holder docking station with wireless charging.

Functions: It has an LED light for a light-up logo | a pens holder | a mobile holder | and a wireless charger | with USB A & USB C charging ports.

  • Material: PVC | Size : 156 x 98.5 x 95 mm | Weight : 0.266 kg

Packaging Details

Pcs in Carton Box Carton Weight Carton Box Size
40 11.6 kg 52 x 43 x 34 cm

Printing Options

  • Screen Printing | UV Printing | Sublimation Printing | Sticker Epoxy | Laser Engraving

Multifunction Desktop Pen Holder with Wireless Charging

We all use our phones for extended periods of time these days, therefore we must charge them as soon as feasible. This product can help you with that. You may charge your phone while using it and working at the same time. The greatest solution for your advertising campaign may be a multipurpose desktop pen holder with wireless charging made of top-quality materials and featuring lovely designs. The charger has USB A and USB C charging ports and is wireless. This item also includes a pen holder. You can also have your logo printed on it. Your logo can be illuminated with an LED light.


  1. LED light for light-up logo
  2. Pens Holder
  3. Mobile Holder
  4. Wireless Charger
  5. USB A & USB C charging Port.
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