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Coin Saving Button

  • Material: Plastic | Size: 158 mm | Item Weight: 0.125 kg

Packaging Details

Pcs in Carton Box Carton Weight Carton Box Size
120 15 kg 58 x 30 x 37 cm

Button Printing Option

  • Digital Printing

Coin Saving Button

Your image or original artwork will be used to create the 158mm coin button. The 158mm badge-making machine creates it.

The Coin button has been entirely altered. can be used as frames for decorations in homes and offices as well as gifts. Our coin buttons are entertaining to use; any desired image may be printed on them, and they are finished with a thin transparent film to give them an attractive and tidy appearance.

The coin button is portable and light enough to be worn at any time. It can be given as a corporate gift or as a memento.

The coin button may be printed in any color using digital printing and has a range of functions.

  • Material: Plastic
  • Size: 158 mm
  • Backside Stand.

Printing Option

  • Digital Printing
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