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Antibacterial Gift Sets


Antibacterial Gift Sets: Contains 2 products as listed beside. packed in a craft box for product protection and better presentation.

Product Contains

  1. B6 Size Anti Bacterial Notepad, Spiral Antibacterial PP Material with elastic band and pen loop (70 Sheets70g Ruled Paper).
  2. Maxema Antibacterial Pen (4 different options):

PEN CODE: 1.) MAX-B500-C-AB 2.) MAX-D1-MATT-CB-AB 3.) MAX-F2P-C-AB 4.) MAX-Z1-C AB


Antibacterial Gift Sets

If you want to have a practical, memorable gift with new technology, this set can be the right choice for you. You should always value your customers, so be careful in choosing the right option. Antibacterial gift sets include the two items listed below. for product protection and better presentation, put it in a craft box

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